Our Menu


Clams in a marinera or jerez style
Prawn or avocado cocktail
Cannelloni Rossini
Head and leg vinaigrette
Buds with salmon and tuna
Croquettes of the house
Avocado salad
Celery salad*
Crocat goat salad
Endive salad*
Marinated salmon salad
Special salad of the house

Warm salad of prawns
Xató stile salad and crispy cod
Esparagus in a roquefort style
Esqueixada of cod
Duck Foie micuit, 50 gr.
Gazpacho (in his season)
Serrano ham
Green beans sauteed with ham
Macaroni au gratin
Paella Tritón (at least two people)
Vinaigrette Palm hearts*
Peppers with anchovies and tuna

Ghost dish
Octopus in a Galician style
Scrambled eggs with garlic prawns and ham
Smoked salmon
Broth soup
Fish soup
Chees soup
Tuna tartare
Tuna tataki
Omelette to taste
Ventresca tuna with tomato and onion
Vichyssoise (at his season)

*Celery, Endive and Palm Hearts can be served with Roquefort (supplement 3,70€)


Alive mussels 250 gr. (temporada)
Country lobster
Middle norway lobster to saute
Norway lobster trunk
Prawns from Palamós
Kokotxas vasc style
Red Lobster
Shrimp from Vilanova
Oyster, 6 pieces (at his time)
Mini octopuses

Our Cod

Grill cod
Cod can with beans
Garlic mousseline cod
Cod in a honney allioli style with y yucca chips
Baked cod with potatoes
Cod with garlic and clams
Cod with sanfaina
Carpaccio of cod with tomato background


Garlic fresh tuna with escalivada
Squid roman stile
Santurce Hake nape
Anglerfish Fillets at the romana style
Oranje or meunière style Sole
Triton Style Sole
Wild bass Triton Style
Wild bass with fennel
Romana style hake
Vasca style hake
Koskera hake
meunière Anglerfish
koskera Anglerfish
marinera Anglerfish
Wild turbot Tritón Style
Wild turbot fennel style

*All fish can be served to grilled or steamed


Homemade meatballs
Butifarra with beans
Roast goat with potatoes
Beef Carpaccio
Beef chop(2 person) kg.
Duck Confit with beans
Kid ribs in a milanesa
Entrecôte with pepper or green pepper
Entrecôte at the Rioja reduction
Entrecôte Triton Style
Grill Entrecote of beef or veal
Escalopa Cordon Bleu
Partridge with onion (at his time)
Romana or sauté style pate
Filletat the Rioja reduction
Fillet with mushroom sauce and foie
Fillet at the Triton Style
Ox Fillet de buey or veall grill
Steak tartar

Our deserts

Cream canolli
Hair of angel coca
Cream coca from Llavaneres
Catalana cream
Honney curd
House flan
Strawberries in a wine or with oranje juice
Crocanti ice cream (Grand Marnier)
Varied ice cream
Mel i mató
Melon, big strawberries and cherry at his season
Cut Peach vineyard in a moscatell (Season)
Chocolate mousse

Strawberries and cream cake
Natural pineapple from Monte
Musician desert
Dry Manchego cheese
Tender Manchego cheese
Sorbet from Marc with Champagne
Lemond or raspberry sorbet
Pear sorbet
Whisky cake
Apple cake
Cheese cake with blueberry sauce
Frozen Chocolate Truffles with cream
Natural oranje juice

Our Wines

Recommendes Wines:

Blanc de Blancs de Perelada
Homenaje Vino rosado de Navarra
Vino de Rioja Añares (Bodegas Olarra)

Sake (rice wine):

Fukumitsuya Kazeyo Mituyo Hitoyo (300 ml)(Junmai Ginjo, polit 60%, 15,5º)
Fukumitsuya Kuroobi Yuyu (300 ml)(Junmai, polit, 60%, 15,5º)
Shirakabegura Mitani Fujio Ginjo (720 ml) (Yamahai Ginjo, polit 60%, 15,5ª)

Japanese beer:


White Wine:

Viladellops Xarel.lo 2013 (Xarel.lo del Masis del Garraf, d.o. Penedés)
Sameirás blanco 2012 (Treixadura, Albariño Loureiro, d.o. Ribeiro)
Albamar Albariño 2013 (Albariño de Rias Baixas)
Köhler-Ruprecht Saumagen 2011 (Riesling, Kabine trocken del Palatinado)
Oppenheim-kuhling-Guillot 2012 (riesling, Troken de Rheinhessen)

Red wine:

D. Los Santos Crianza 2010 (Tempranillo d.o. Rioja)
Algueira Mencía 2013 (Mencía de la Ribera Sacra)
Jean Marc Boillot Bourgogne Rouge (Suave genérico del prestigioso elaborador de Borgoña)

Sparkling wines:

Colet Vatúa! (Espumoso del Penedés)
André Clouet Brut Grand Cru (Champagne)