Our Desert

Wind Fritter
Cream canon
Hair of angel coca
Cream coca from Llavaneres
Catalana cream
Honney curd
House flan
Strawberries in a wine or with oranje juice
Crocanti ice cream (Grand Marnier)
Varied ice cream
Mel i mató
Melon, big strawberries and cherry at his season
Cut Peach vineyard in a moscatell (Season)
Chocolate mousse
Strawberries and cream cake
Natural pineapple from Monte
Musician desert
Dry Manchego cheese
Tender Manchego cheese
Sorbet from Marc with Champagne
Lemond or raspberry sorbet
Pear sorbet
Whisky cake
Apple cake
Cheese cake with blueberries sauce
Frozen Tòfones with butterfat
Natural oranje juice
IVA 10%. Price covered 2,65€.