Clams in a marinera or jerez style
Prawn or avocado cocktail
Cannelloni Rossini
Head and leg vinaigrette
Buds with salmon and tuna
Croquettes of the house
Avocado salad
Celery salad
Crocat goat salad
Endive salad
Marinated salmon salad
Special salad of the house
Warm salad of prawns
Xató stile salad and crispy cod
Esparagus in a roquefort style
Esqueixada of cod
Duck Foie micuit, 50 gr.
Gazpacho (in his season)
Serrano ham
Green beans sauteed with ham
Macaroni au gratin
Paella Tritón (at least two people)
Vinaigrette Palm hearts
Peppers with anchovies and tuna
Ghost dish
Octopus in a Galician style
Scrambled eggs with garlic prawns and ham
Smoked salmon
Broth soup
Fish soup
Chees soup
Tuna tartare
Tuna tataki
Omelette to taste
Ventresca tuna with tomato and onion
Vichyssoise (at his season)
Celery, endive and Roquefort can be at Roquefort (supplement 3,70€)
IVA 10%. Cover charge 2,65€.