Meatballs made here 12,40€
Butifarra with beans 12,70€
Roast goat with potatoes 23,80€
Beef Carpaccio 17,95€
Beef chop(2 person) kg. 57,20€
Duck Confit with beans 18,60€
Kid ribs in a milanesa 17,50€
Entrecôte with pepper or green pepper 20,40€
Entrecôte at the Rioja reduction 20,40€
Entrecôte Triton Style 20,40€
Grill Entrecote of beef or veal 17,95€
Escalopa Cordon Bleu 24,50€
Partridge with onion (at his time) 21,50€
Romana or sauté style pate 16,80€
Filletat the Rioja reduction 26,90€
Fillet with mushroom sauce and foie 31,50€
Fillet at the Triton Style 26,90€
Ox Fillet de buey or veall grill 24,10€
Steak tartar 26,75€
IVA 10% not included. Cover charge 2,65€.