Meatballs made here
Butifarra with beans
Roast goat with potatoes
Beef Carpaccio
Beef chop(2 person) kg.
Duck Confit with beans
Kid ribs in a milanesa
Entrecôte with pepper or green pepper
Entrecôte at the Rioja reduction
Entrecôte Triton Style
Grill Entrecote of beef or veal
Escalopa Cordon Bleu
Partridge with onion (at his time)
Romana or sauté style pate
Filletat the Rioja reduction
Fillet with mushroom sauce and foie
Fillet at the Triton Style
Ox Fillet de buey or veall grill
Steak tartar
IVA 10%. Cover charge 2,65€.